Moving Tips

We have produced a brief list of things that you need to remember change or people you need to inform before you move.

  • Bank – any accounts you have dealings with
  • Car Registration – write to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Centre (Swansea SA6 7JL) giving details of your car and registration.
  • Council Tax – departments of both areas.
  • Credit Cards – as for bank accounts above.
  • Doctor and Dentist – de-register and re-register with new practices
  • Electricity, Gas, and Water – give notice of your move at least three days in advance, and ask for a reading on the day. Don’t forget to sign on with the company for your new home. The service may be disconnected if no-one has signed on as the new user.
  • Hospital or clinic – if receiving treatment.
  • Income tax – the address is on your tax forms.
  • Insurance – house, contents, car, and personal at least seven days before you move or you may not be insured.
  • Mail – arrange for mail to be forwarded. There is a sliding scale of charges according to how long you wish to continue, but one fee covers everyone in the family, if the surname is the same.
  • Mail Order – any company you use.
  • Pensions – company pensions inform the pension office. State pension – ask the Post Office.
  • Schools – as soon as possible.
  • Standing Orders – tell any companies that you pay.
  • Telephone – give a week’s notice to each end and arrange for the bills to change names on the correct day, and for your new phone to be connected.
  • TV Licence – ask at the Post Office.

Moving Tips and Tricks